My Expat-lifestyle

For over twenty years abroad, whether living in the cities of Berlin or New-York, I was doing my job to record on video conference’s live-event. All the time I was listening to others’ stories, in complete denial of my self.

With Pan-Am on a red-eye flight, I was landing on the other side of the Atlantic. At that time “Let’s Go West” was Marlborough ads across the Berlin wall.

Never the less I enjoyed being each month in a different country, freighting a cargo container with conference materials. Working on every detail for the perfect work. Building a better world.

One night during a long stopover in Amsterdam, I sat at a downtown café, and surprisingly I listen to French songs. For fifteen years I forgot about France, and it was a bit of a chock. Later on in the morning, my journey from New York City continued, flying over Paris toward Johannesburg.

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