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Appeal from Saint-Nazaire

House of Foreign Writers and Translators, Saturday, November 17, 2018. The odds of the literary calendar are that we are gathered today at the MEET, the typical house if any, international, open to the other, and it is Saint-Nazaire, large seaport, the city of arrivals and departures, place no less symbolic by its tragic history, that we are launching this appeal. Our world, that of 2018, worries. Its populist excesses, in many countries of Europe and other continents, making it…

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Day One, The First Day of a Fair Digital Age

Day One is a unique place to keep humanity at the center of a world shaped by technology. It is three days to explore how your company can act towards a fair and inclusive digital age. Get perspective and vision in today’s world, to better focus on concrete issues and daring solutions. With the most powerful leaders of the scientific, politic, economic and intellectual community, act to make sure that no-one will be left behind as the world is transforming.…

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The region of Nantes / Saint-Nazaire in France is suitable for the companies wanting to grow fast. The development agency Nantes-Saint-Nazaire is there to welcome your structure. The CCI also supports company aspiring to export, by financing a post abroad up to 20K€. See also: Entrepreneur Unleash your education ticket. Sign up

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