A flight back in time

A few months ago I experienced a flight with a Morane Saulnier build in 1937, over la Baule’s bay in France. With an open cockpit, I enjoyed the ride and had to hold tight to my camera. I was shooting a video clip.

To take a fight, it is not like taking a bicycle. It depends on the weather forecast, the wind direction, and the air traffic. The plane also needs to be serviced regularly. The radial engine, an Aircraft Continental Motor need the oil to be warmed up with an electric rode during the pre-flight of 30 to 45 minutes minimum.

It was also like a flashback 44 years younger when I was flying a glider over the Champagne valley for about a year. I never flew back as the high cost was not affordable to me at that time.

On different missions in Africa between 1980-1977, I was often thinking about how great it would be to own one Beechcraft King Air 250.

Back in New York in 1999, I was working at JFK airport as an embarkment agent serving Air Frace, Air Afrique, and the code-share Delta Airlines.

This is the final video of this project, and another different journey…